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Material Handling Obstacles — When You Must Move the ROCK!

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Material Handling Obstacles – When you must move the ROCK!!

The marketplace has created numerous material handling tools to aid workers in the traditional facility-based operations. These tools however have limitation when working in the field. Ultimately, sometimes you must move the ROCK (aka the mattress, sofa, dresser, etc.). This requires a worker to be knowledgeable in the principles of proper body mechanics. In working with a large home delivery client, we trained workers in an experiential learning model that emphasizes the use of “core moves” involved with their work tasks. Material handling training has always gotten a bad wrap as being less than effective. To dispel those concerns, we have recently completed a study utilizing a motion capture technology that demonstrated the effectiveness of the core moves. Overexertion Injuries related to Manual Material Handling account for more than 30% of all recordable injuries, according to the 2019 Liberty Mutual Insurance data. As a result, training employees on proper lifting technique, biomechanics and how to eliminate wasted motion in their daily routine is a common practice to reduce fatigue and potential injury. However, training can be ineffective if it is not applicable, scalable and disrupts operations schedule.

Presented by:
Drew Bossen, PT, MBA
Executive Vice President
Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions

Lisa Krefft OTR/L, MSLc
Vice President of Partner Relations
MyAbilities Technologies

Scott Ege, PT, MS
Ege WorkSmart Solutions PC

Manual Material Handling Bootcamp Case Study

The MANUAL HANDLING BOOTCAMP – is a customized program that has proven to provide employees with an experience that is unforgettable. In the presentation, we will provide insight on our methodology to engage employees and how to sustain retention of the training information. We will also share success stories and the results our clients are having within 18 months of starting their own program.

Presented by:
Brock Anderson MS, CPE, LSSBB, CSCS
Owner & Principal Consultant

Jayne Welliver ASP
Safety & Loss Prevention Mgr
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.