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What Are The Productivity And Ergonomic Benefits Of A Curved Keyboard?

And how does Kensington’s Pro Fit® Ergo Wireless curved keyboard compare to its top competitor — according to users?

White Paper Summary

A curved, ergonomic keyboard is designed to make computing comfortable, healthy, and efficient. Also referred to as a split keyboard, contoured keyboard, sloped keyboard, or V-shaped keyboard, its use encourages a neutral wrist and forearm position. It has become a popular addition to the ergonomic workstation, adopted for helping knowledge workers avoid serious RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries) and MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) such as carpal tunnel syndrome that can result from improper typing technique.

Our team wanted to see hard data on these benefits, so we conducted a study to capture typing speeds and postures exhibited with a curved keyboard as compared to a traditional (QWERTY layout) keyboard. We also isolated how long it takes the average employee to adapt to a curved keyboard and recorded distinct user preferences between Kensington’s Pro Fit® Ergo and its top competitor.

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