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User-Centered Workplace Design.

Session Summary

Ergonomics is often associated with just product features, like comfy chairs or funky keyboards. Usually where products are being used gets overlooked. Does having a window in your office lower headaches? Does increasing the temperature improve productivity? Does having access to daylight at work improve sleep at the home?

Ergonomics often stresses on the micro-environments of the employees, but a major influence on our performance and well-being has to do with the environments we occupy on a daily basis.

Danny Nou demonstrates the cognitive and emotional impacts of the spaces we occupy and the products we use. Danny explains how ergonomists can quantify the financial impacts of environmental and product changes in the workplace.

Good ergonomic design must focus on how someone actually uses something, where it is being used, and who the user is. Only then can we design products that are easier to use, more satisfying, and create ultimately better experiences.


Danny Nou
Human Factors Researcher


Presentation slides can be downloaded here.