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The Real Challenges of Home Working for the Global Workforce - AND - Office Ergonomics Training — How to Do An Assessment.

Session Summary

The Real Challenges of Home Working for the Global Workforce

In this talk Jon Abbott and Bill Pace of Cardinus bring together data and anecdotal lessons from the global pandemic to discuss the practical challenge of ergonomics and health in home working for the interconnected yet globally dispersed workforce. Tackling issues of regulation and compliance, the cultural, technological and society differences, and how different organizations and governments have responded to the pandemic, Jon and Bill will address how organizations can support home workers and meet the real challenges that they face, wherever they’re based.

Office Ergonomics Training — How to Do An Assessment

This program is to provide the tools and education for Management and Trainers to do an assessment, as well as educating employees with an understanding of setting up themselves in the optimal position, sitting or standing. This will address sit-stand workstations, and uses of equipment. How do to an assessment and what concerns can arise. This is not a program on solving issues by just "purchasing equipment," but provides guidelines and suggestions in selecting equipment. Also covered is concerns in healthcare settings.


Jon Abbott
Director of Sales & Marketing
Cardinus Risk Management Ltd.

Bill Pace
Cardinus, LLC

Mark Yen
Risk Control Consultant
Monarch Insurance Services, Inc.

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.