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The Best Ergonomic Strategies for Preventing Injuries and Advancing Total Worker Health in 2022.

Session Summary

Can you afford another injury? Ergonomic injuries are expected to increase by 16% in the next 12-18 months. Employers in every industry are looking ahead to a changing landscape when it comes to working. An aging workforce, more employees working remotely, and new external stressors will all play a role in ergonomic safety. As a result, many safety leaders are preparing for new challenges and bolstering their safety programming with an increased focus on ergonomics, mental health and wellness. With workers’ compensation costs always rising, a single claim can drain tens of thousands of dollars from an employer’s budget, not to mention the operational obstacles that come with absenteeism and reduced productivity from chronic ergonomic pain.

  • Tackling ergonomic risk factors and reducing injury rates in 2022 and beyond
  • Mitigating the risks that come with increasing work-related and everyday stress, mental health and wellness
  • Addressing ergonomic risks through an integrative Total Worker Wellness framework and the latest safety technology

Presented by:
Kevin Lombardo
President and CEO
DORN Companies

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.