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R-Go Tools’ Ergonomic Accessories Used at Work and at Home for healthy working!

R-Go Tools Ergonomic Product Information Video on patented ergonomic computer mice, split keyboard, laptop stands, monitor arms, and Hygienic safety screen for safe return to work during COVID19!

Product Summary

R-Go Tools designs, produces, and distributes ergonomic products for healthy screen usage. Most of R-Go Tools products are environment friendly and partially or completely recyclable. The company was founded in 2010. R-Go Tools’ products (Ergonomic Mice, keyboards, Laptop stands, monitor arms, safety screen and other accessories) are characterized by a unique combination of ergonomics, affordability, durability, and design. R-Go Tools also organizes online, interactive workshops so you can support your customers even better with sound ergonomic advice in the correct purchase of ergonomic furniture, aids, and in the design of the workplace. For detailed online catalog, please visit https://www.r-go-tools.com/partner-portal/view-catalogue/


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