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Quantifying the Financial Impact of Ergonomics Interventions & Initiatives - AND - How can science confirm or deny that you are making the right ergonomic changes at your workplace?

Session Summary

Communicating the value of ergonomics to business stakeholders is critical for ergonomics interventions and initiatives. When ergonomics is done right, there are two primary positive outcomes – improved employee well-being and improved business performance. Employee well-being benefits include reducing causal absenteeism, first aid cases, modified duty cases, recordable injuries, lost-time cases, workers' compensation claim costs. Business performance benefits of ergonomics include enhanced product quality, increased manufacturing performance, improved employee engagement. Participants will learn how best to communicate the value of ergonomics to business stakeholders in the language and metric they understand — value. In addition, an effective and efficient method to project the financial impact of ergonomics interventions and initiatives will be introduced. The research science and rationale for the tool will be explained and the tool will be demonstrated using case studies.

The session will demonstrate various case scenarios in which technology and science have been used to understand and confirm effective interventions for various safety initiatives, worksite modifications, and training approaches. The presentation will explore and demonstrate methods to analyze proposed safety initiatives and changes that occurred at Honda of North America, The Boeing Company, and US Tsubaki as a result of a scientific method. Each description will discuss the practical applications involved in each challenging situation. The methods will be outlined in such a way that attendees will be able to learn and apply in their own relevant and respective industries.


Blake McGowan
Director of Research
Velocity EHS

Patrick Carley
American International College

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.