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Essential Elements for an Effective Ergonomics Program - AND - Planning and Deploying a Large-Scale Ergonomics Process: Year-by-Year.

Session Summary

This presentation is for anyone responsible for establishing, improving, or managing company ergonomics processes for their employer. It focuses on the five essential elements any successful, sustainable program should include: 1) Clear process for reducing ergonomics risk in ongoing operations 2) Clear process for ensuring ergonomics acceptability of new tools and equipment 3) Consistent worker involvement in identifying both ergonomics issues and effective countermeasures 4) Systematic linkages to continuous improvement initiatives (such as lean production or six sigma) 5) Appropriate responsibilities for everyone involved in the company ergonomics process. Dr. Budnick will share his experience and a variety of resources attendees can use to plan, launch, or accelerate ergonomics process improvements in their own companies.

Too many large organizations have launched an ergonomics process only to have it fizzle when the business climate and direction changes, when key participants roll-over, or when the low-hanging, easy fixes have been completed. Failure to initiate and maintain an effective process can result in loss of credibility and trust by employees and management, wasted resources, and poor results. The key to long-term success in ergonomics is to build a strong foundation with solid planning. This session will review the critical elements of establishing and deploying a large-scale workplace ergonomics process to prevent the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Based on real-world experience, proven management practices, and data mined from hundreds of successful programs, this session will give participants a roadmap to follow year-by-year. We’ll discuss goal setting, implementation, design guidelines for engineers, tackling capital projects, program expansion, and more.


Dr. Peter Budnick
Founder and President

Jeff Sanford
Director of Consulting

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.