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An Introduction to Human & Organizational Performance and a Call to Action for the Ergonomics/Human Factors Community - AND - Using Technology to Build a Safer Future for Workers.

Session Summary

Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) is a risk-based operating philosophy that recognizes that error is part of the human condition and that employee actions and their likelihood of success is greatly influenced by organizational processes and systems. HOP is a key part of the renaissance underway in H&S and is a critical component of fatal and serious incident prevention. HOP focuses on enhancing organizational processes and systems to better recognize and address risk through an understanding of the human element. Unfortunately, ergonomics and human factors professionals have not always been included and actively engaged in their company's HOP deployment and integration efforts despite having unique, critical expertise in this area. This session will introduce several core concepts and principles of HOP, discuss how and why companies have embarked on their HOP journeys, and challenge the ergonomics and human factors communities to become more involved in HOP.

Innovative thinkers in workplace safety are increasingly turning to technology to help alleviate the risks of injury, chronic pain, and fatigue, all of which result in major costs. In fact, research by PwC has predicted that nationwide investment in workplace safety technology could drive an increase of up to $15.7 trillion in economic value by 2030, and employers across industries are investing in new solutions, including:

  • Desktop ergonomic enhancements
  • Wearable ergonomic monitoring devices
  • Exoskeleton technology

With the right set of tools and a desire to provide whole-person safety and wellness for workers, employers can alleviate the cost burden from injuries and establish a positive outlook for the future. Join us for a talk with Kevin Lombardo, CEO of DORN Companies, and other leaders in workers’ comp and injury prevention technology as we explore new technologies that will help create a safer future for workers across the nation.


Kevin Lombardo
President and CEO
DORN Companies

Lisa Brooks
Vice President
ORCHSE Strategies, LLC


Presentation slides can be downloaded here.