• ErgoExpo Virtual Event Session

On-Demand Session

COVID-19 and the Future of the Office.

Session Summary

COVID-19 brought with it a workplace sea change. With tens of millions of workers now working from home and discovering its advantages, and disadvantages, this line-up of experts provides a glimpse into the future and offers insights on how changes to work, workplace technologies, and workforces will affect the design of offices, and home offices, in 2020 and beyond.

Each presenter shares what their experiences have taught them about what direction that future office design will take, what the ergonomic issues will be, and what solutions may be most successful.

You will learn about the changing nature of office technologies, how office design itself is changing to promote more active working, how the content of office work is changing, and the implications of the pandemic experience for the future development of office and home office ergonomics.


Jonathan Puleio, MS CPE
Global Vice President
Humanscale Consulting

Linda Miller, CCPE, OTD, OT Reg(AB)
President and Certified Occupational Therapist/Ergonomist
EWI Works

David Damico, MA CPE
Vice President, Senior Ergonomics Consultant
Marsh Risk Consulting


Presentation slides can be downloaded here.