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How Ergonomics Can Improve Employee Well-Being and a Company’s Bottom Line

Desktop ergonomic products are increasing in popularity. In the US alone, there are already 30M ergo mouse and keyboard users and the importance of ergonomics will continue to grow as more people WFH.

White Paper Summary

Here is perspective on just how much we use tools like our mouse and keyboard.

Heavy computer users will hit 11,000 keystrokes and click their mouse 4,000 a day. They will also move their mouse a total distance of 17 miles or 27 kms per year. Imagine putting on a pair of flip flops to run a half marathon. Having the right tools to perform our daily tasks is imperative for personal wellness. With the compromises of workspaces being made organizations need to have ergonomics as part of their work from home planning.
Explore in this white paper how modern ergonomics can improve employee well-being and a company’s bottom line.


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