• White Paper

Fast Hires or Returning Workers?

To deal with the business changes driven by COVID-19, your organization likely faced difficult workforce decisions. This white paper offers practical tips for how your organization needs to prepare.

White Paper Summary

  • Depending upon the amount of down time and the personal habits of each worker, furloughed or laid off workers may assume a relatively sedentary lifestyle during their enforced leave from work. When deconditioned workers return to physically-demanding jobs, the likelihood of increased discomfort complaints and possibly even workers’ compensation claims can result..
  • Having new workers start jobs rapidly creates a different scenario. This quick start creates challenges for workers who are not used to the level of physical demand required for their new job or may have previously worked in a more sedentary role. If not adequately prepared, these workers may be at risk for developing discomfort or becoming injured.
  • Then there’s the workers returning after recovering from COVID-19. These workers, likely deconditioned and with new or exacerbated comorbidities such as pulmonary or heart issues, may need extra time, assistance and support in safely returning to a previous job role. Or, if not yet able to fully return to a previous job, may need support in identifying transitional work duties to facilitate a safer return to work process.

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