• ErgoExpo Digital Session

On-Demand Session

Emerging Technologies for the Ergonomics Practitioner.

Session Summary

The nature of the field of ergonomics is rapidly changing. Emerging technologies such as wearable sensors, computer-vision, and artificial intelligence are being integrated into how companies, ergonomists, and ergonomics teams evaluate their workplaces and make informed decisions based on data. This webinar will provide a “high-level” overview of how some of these technology solutions are being utilized and the future potential of these technologies for ergonomics practitioners.

At the completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the history & limitations of traditional ergonomics practices and methods
  • Understand how emerging technologies (wearable sensors, computer-vision, and artificial intelligence) are being used by ergonomics practitioners
  • Gain some insights into the future potential of such technologies for ergonomics practitioners

Presented by:
Jeff Hoyle

Director of Ergonomics Services
The Ergonomics Center

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.