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Cargill’s Ergonomics Journey: Developing a Targeted and Flexible Ergonomics Program - AND - ErgoExpo 2021 – See You in Las Vegas!

Session Summary

Developing a Targeted and Flexible Ergonomics Program

This session will present a strategic approach that is being used to expand Cargill’s ergonomics program from 40 locations to over 400. This expansion will introduce the program to diverse businesses, risks, and resources, and will require an approach that is flexible and targeted to achieve its goals. This process is being presented at the very beginning of implementation, providing insight into the planning and decisions that are being made, and the work that will be done to build the program over the next few years. The process will be presented in a fashion that will allow the attendee to transfer the concepts to a single location, a small set of locations, or broader applications.

Presented by:
David Brodie
Ergonomist Lead NA Health & Safety Domain

ErgoExpo 2021 – See You in Las Vegas! 

The National Ergonomics Conference & Expo will be at Paris, Las Vegas on November 2-5, 2021. The request for papers is now open, and this session will highlight our focus for the event. Dr. Alan Hedge, conference chair, will highlight our goals for keynotes, and Rachel Michael and David Brodie, conference co-chairs will discuss the content of the tracks, including the new track on Advances in Ergonomics Technology.

Presented by:
Dr. Alan Hedge
ErgoExpo Conference Chair

David Brodie
ErgoExpo Conference Co-Chair

Rachel Michael
ErgoExpo Conference Co-Chair

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.