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Bodybilt Aircelli 24/7

Ergonomic excellence designed for consistent comfort.

Product Summary

Our Aircelli 24|7 Seating Line was crafted with a heavy-duty design that brings ergonomic ease to intensive use environments. The Aircelli 24/7 is a unique answer to extended-use seating with the added support of SKYDEX technology. SKYDEX embedded in the ergonomically contoured seat reduces peak pressure by 60%, providing long shift comfort that conventional foam solutions can’t touch. Plus, the super-soft mesh and cutting-edge air cell lumbar of the Aircelli back provide comfort and support for the back in a chair made to hold up for extended-shift use.

BodyBilt’s 24|7 series of ergonomic chairs are built to endure with a metal base, heavy duty cylinder and steel back post, and a steel plate and bracing. The BodyBilt seat, Air Lumbar, and optional supportive neck roll add to the comfort of each chair in the series.

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