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Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance and Industrial Athlete Program

WorkCare, a U.S.-based occupational health company, provides Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance using wearable technology and Industrial Athlete interventions to help prevent work-related injuries.

Product Summary

WorkCare, a U.S.-based company specializing in employee health management, uses wearable bio-sensor technology, clinical algorithms and athletic training concepts to help reduce musculoskeletal injury risk in the workplace. Our award-winning Bio-Ergonomic Surveillance and Industrial Athlete programs are adaptable to any type of workplace with strenuous jobs. We identify “hot spots” for potential injuries and intervene early – before strains and sprains can become workers’ compensation claims and disability cases. These interventions are integrated with other WorkCare solutions, including 24/7 telehealth triage, onsite services and clinics, medical exam program management and consulting occupational physicians.


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