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Are your Employees Fit for Duty?

Stop Buying Employee Injuries and Improve Employee Safety and Productivity with WorkSaver Fitness-for- Duty testing program!

Product Summary

The WorkSaver Fitness for Duty Evaluation offers:

  • A detailed pre-functional head-to-toe physical and biomechanical examination that is designed to carefully assess medical status and detect unreported medical conditions and symptoms.
  • Identification of pre-existing impairments.
  • Assessment of baseline functional capacities related to strength, aerobic capacity, balance, coordination, and flexibility .
  • Assessment of job-specific functional capacities such as lifting carrying, pushing , pulling, working in various postures, and stair and ladder climbing.No one in the nation has more expertise in the area of fitness for duty testing or has a better proven record of effectiveness. Many of our clients have experienced greater than 68% reduction of on-the-job injuries after using WorkSaver process with return on investments (ROI) in this program as high as 18:1! Saving one back, neck, or carpal injury will pay for years of WorkSaver functional testing.


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