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Application of Digital Humans in Workstation Design - AND - Stuck in the Box: Challenges in Glovebox Ergonomics.

Session Summary

Application of Digital Humans in Workstation Design

Over the past 60 years, major advances in anthropometry and biomechanics have gradually reduced reliance on inadequate human-system integration efforts. This is particularly evident in the application of Digital Human Modeling (DHM). DHM can be defined as a technique of simulating human interaction between anatomically correct humans (avatars or mannequins) and scaled environments. DHM is facilitating proactive development efforts for system and process design from conception to implementation by providing insight into human-system discrepancies. Today, there are a number of commercially available DHM software packages that help designers, engineers, and ergonomists capture these discrepancies.

This presentation will cover a brief overview of Santos Human, a DHM tool created in 2003 by the University of Iowa’s Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) Program, and how BSI has utilized this tool to support client's ergonomic efforts in a number of industries.

Presented by:
Gus Arroyo
Associate Consultant

Stuck in the Box: Challenges in Glovebox Ergonomics

Gloveboxes are containment workspaces that are designed to allow a worker to manipulate objects where a separate atmosphere is desired. They present inherent ergonomic challenges as most of their physical features are non-adjustable. Los Alamos National Laboratory’s (LANL) Plutonium Facility has over 300 gloveboxes in use today with 400 glovebox workers performing manufacturing work inside gloveboxes for most of their work days. As a result, LANL’s ergonomics team has a specialized glovebox functional area to mitigate ergonomic risks that gloveboxes present. This presentation will focus on how a specialty ergonomics program like glovebox ergonomics can come to be established, starting from recognizing ergonomic issues in gloveboxes to maintaining a steady productive program. Some engineering solutions and worker trainings developed through this glovebox ergonomics program will also be shared in this presentation.

Presented by:
Martha Chan
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.