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A Participatory Approach to Ergonomics: Leadership Engagement & Development - AND - Building and Sustaining a World Class Ergonomics Process.

Session Summary

Deploying a two-fold approach, Honda of Canada Mfg.’s top-level management and associates working in production are engaged and motivated to act as leaders for safety. HCM has been able to achieve significant risk reduction and a cultural shift. HCM is effectively developing the next generation of leaders with Safety and Ergonomics ingrained as part of the culture. Join us for this overview of the HCM approach and how you can apply the approach to your own business.

Building a successful ergonomics program can be very daunting. Sustaining that success over time can be even more daunting. This dynamic session focuses on both understanding the journey for building a successfully integrated process and sustaining that success long term. We will cover the maturity levels of developing processes and where your program fits. We will discuss who your stakeholders are, both internal and external, and what they must bring to the table that will help drive initial and continued success. You will also learn why metrics are critical to your process’s success, how leading and lagging metrics are the key to beginning and supporting the process, and where to find them. You will also learn about integrating health and wellbeing initiatives into your ergonomics process to enhance and drive employee engagement and Total Worker Health (TWH). Finally, you will see how this all comes together through case studies using the principles learned earlier to achieve success at City Light and yours.


Dave Catallo
Manufacturing Safety Leader
Honda of Canada

Keith Osborne
Seattle City Light


Presentation slides can be downloaded here.