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A Behind the Scenes Look of the Logitech Ergo Lab

Logitech has your back your wrist and your forearms with our ergonomic solutions designed in the Logitech ergonomic lab in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Product Summary

The Logi Ergo Lab is a human-centered and science-driven approach to designing, developing, and reinventing tools that help people feel better at work. Our unrelenting mission is to make the future of work more people-friendly through proven ergonomics. It all starts with understanding the human body and all the ways work stresses, strains, and generally bends us out of shape. We study people of all genders, shapes, and statures to make sure we’re creating inclusive ergonomic solutions. The result are products and solutions are created with criteria set out by leading ergonomists that improve posture, lowering muscle strain, and increasing comfort.


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